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Originally Posted by Uther Mortigast View Post
You might not have to catch up on a lot to be a programmer, as yaustar is saying, but of course broadening you background in mathematics can't hurt, can it? My guess is you will have to do some catching up if you have your heart set on Digipen, but only they can say for sure.

Is Digipen your only option for schooling? Are there any other schools available to you that offer courses that might help you down the path? I see you have some experience with VB.NET and C#. I saw a job listing today looking for someone with those skills and knowledge of Java and Flash to create browser based games, and they did not require a B.S. degree in Computer Science with strong math skills (as I often see). That's encouraging, no?
Yes, that sure is reassuring to hear.
I recently have researched more about the schools and what i hear from most people, their advice is to get a degree in computer science and make your own games in your spare time rather than going to trade schools like digipen.
There are some universities here in singapore which provides this degree. I guess my plan is to read up on C++ and some maths during my time in NS before trying to enroll for digipen.
I would not give up if they reject me though, i will try the other universities and somehow make it into the gaming industry as a programmer.
Anyways, are there any books you guys recommend if i want to learn C++ or maths?
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