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Originally Posted by HagNasty View Post
I don't think it will be a problem. Working on a game with industry professionals will only make things better.

It looks like we have many more C++ guys out there so we should let that be our language of choice. Now that we have a language what engine should we use. We can either use lowLevel DirectX/OpenGL or an Engine of your choice.
I have experience with the following:
C++ (Heavily)
Haaf's Game Engine

Specialize in:
Agile development
Enterprise software design and development
Data structures

I'm open to this project that I came across from some other site, and I'd like to be of help. I've made a few games myself in group settings and on my own.

Were we decided on 2D or 3D?

If we do 3D, I say we use something like Torque. Last thing I heard, if it's for non-profit, then it's free to use.

If we do 2D, and we're set on C++, then I say we use Haaf's Game Engine (HGE). It's easy to use, there is a lot of documentation, and a number of samples. It also has a lot of features to make great 2D games.

I'm finishing up a six-month internship and starting my senior project (single person project). The next two terms I have 10 classes to complete my BS in software engineering, an associates in hardware, and a minor in business. I'll also have a job on campus this January and running a GameDev club on campus. To sum things up, I'll be quite busy, but would like to add an extra hand to this project.

I'll try to get some more students involved on this project.

Looking forward to seeing where this goes.
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