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Originally Posted by Neji View Post
1. Thanks for the link, definitely good reading there.
2. Regarding #3, so would it be a good idea to ask them for more information?
3. As for the aptitude test, what form does the bug spotting normally take or does this alter with each company?
1. You're welcome.
2. No. I don't think they're likely to admire your not trying to puzzle things out for yourself. I teach at college, and I sometimes get students during the middle of an exam asking me what the answer is to a tough question. Believe it or not! If I was hiring, those students would not be getting a job offer.
3. They might or might not have "bug spotting" at all. You have to prepare yourself as best you can rather than try to anticipate what the questions and answers are going to be. Either you're a good tester or you aren't.
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