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Originally Posted by yaustar View Post
I always wanted to do this game design but never found the time to even start it:

The scope is small enough for a few team members and is completely within several months.
I actually really like this idea.The breaking might be a little much but the packing is right on. The isometric view would be the best way to go but I suggest allowing the user to swing around at 90 degree intervals if they want to. This prevents items from blocking view.

Originally Posted by yaustar View Post
HagNasty: When do you think you can setup a depot for source control and assets? It might be useful to a have a 'test' folder where team members can get to grips with using source control before project starts in earnest. Assembla looks like it would fit the bill.
I'm in the process now of getting a dedicated server so that we can use SVN just give me a bit more time.

Originally Posted by yaustar View Post
Another concern is that everyone should be using the same tools whether it be Visual Studio Express, Code::Blocks or even notepad. Failing that, at least the same toolchain and have some form of building using that toolchain.
If we use Torque and I suggest we do for this game, we will all use the same thing. if has Torsion as well so the code will all be uniformly written.

What does everyone else think? This sound like a good project to start on? We do have a trade off to decide on still. Do we want katamari graphics that would require about 100 objects or do we want higer res objects that would require about 20-30?
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