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I personally would never put any Mario game in any of my top 5 lists. Simply because hes been kept alive far longer than he should have, to the point that hes just used for publicity (much like the Final Fantasy series all using the name Final Fantasy).

I'll admit I played a lot of Mario games but I guess it's simply because they are made for casual gamers which I am not. I like games as hard as possible if I die 50 times on a level I don't say "screw this game it's impossible" like a lot of causal gamers would I keep trying until I get it. Although this is bad is many RPG games because making the game harder generally makes it so you must sit in an area and grind for levels or you'll die. At least that is how difficulty is most commonly implemented which simply makes the game boring not challenging. Anyway just thought I would throw my top 5 out there.

5. Final Fantasy VII
Had exteremely good gameplay but doesn't deserve a spot higher than 5 simply because of how old it is. Current gen games may not have better game play mechanics but the games are simply made better I find it hard to play FFVII anymore simply because how painful it is to use the D-pad for movement compared to an analog stick. A remake of this game could potentially move this game up to spot 3 on my list.
4. Assassins Creed
A really good game I have been unable to play the second one yet which I suspect to be much better.
3. Kingdom Hearts 2
KH was good but KH2 was better it was faster paced and action commands added a cinematic feel to the battles which I was a big fan of.
2. Uncharted 2
Simply amazing story line with awesome multiplayer.
1. Demon's Souls
Currently my #1 game it had some pretty obvious flaws although they may have been intended I liked this game simply because it was hard not grind kind of hard but it was difficult. As stated though there were a lot of obvious flaws and the game seemed to suffer from connection problems on a regular basis (most likely due to NAT types). Also you were unable to communicate with the people helping you or that you were helping at all. This often ended with people writing down each others PSN names sending them a friend request and inviting them to a chat room which should not have been necessary. Playing with your friends also didn't work to well if you wanted to play with one of your friends you had to suicide and pick a spot to hide your soulstone on a level and have them summon you. You would often summon people and have them instantly leave once summoned because of this.

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