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Default Making games from home - Questions

I'm not interested in making big console games, I mainly just want to make small, innovative games on my own - and hopefully make some money doing it. I'm not worried about designing games, or artwork, or level design, or theories on what makes games fun. I'm comfortable with all of that. What I do want to know about, however, is this:

1) Which game development software W (torque game builder, gamesalad, etc) has your highest recommendation?

2) While I make small games using software I mentioned in question 1, I also want to learn to how to program. With the end goal to program my own games. So:

a) Why do people say to learn multiple languages?

b) Is Flash going to be on its way out since apple's iDevices don't support it?

c) How is scripting different across different programming languages? What commonalities are there?

3) Why do people want to work for big companies instead of making great indie games with a small team of people? It seems you can make a lot of money if you can make a game that's good enough. Am I missing something here?

4) Can I be good at scripting without learning any programming languages? Any tips or resources you can recommend for a scripting beginner?

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