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Originally Posted by yaustar View Post
I did a degree in Games Computing and a masters in Games Programming. Didn't stop me from getting into the industry or out of it. The question is, do you really need a Masters? Would it be better for you to do one in a more specialised area like AI?
Thanks for the reply, & You have a point when you say do I really need a Masters? Yes, I do need a Masters personally because in this day & age where BSc is becoming less recognized a Master is what sets one apart from the other & also because I want to take the opportunity of taking a Master to specialize in the Game programming Aspect.

Now since you have been down that path or shall I say road already, May I ask you how was your experience getting in & out of the game industry (especially when you wanted to change to another field) & what made you want to leave the game industry. I do hope am not asking for too much information. I just need you opinion to help set me straight, huge thanks in advance.
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