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Originally Posted by eastairwave View Post
Hello Seekingknowledge. I'm from Nepal and I've just finished My 12 . And now I am searching for a bright future . I hope I can do software engineering. But the available courses are Of Bsc in IT and Bach. in Computer application. Can I know the differences?? and what would be good for me in the future if I have to enter in the game industry. I also wanted to know which field would be good for me ,that would have a scope in both gaming industry and other software making industry.. I also have an option of studying abroad via student visa.. please can you help me
Hi , here is my thought on your question to the best of my knowledge. There is no problem in taking Software Engineering (I am assuming you mean BSc) if software is what you want to go into, from my Experience most Job Opening in the Game Industry that ask for a Degree usually ask for Degree (BSc) in Computer Science, Maths, Physics or S.E.

Also, when you say BSc in IT or Computer Application, 1st let me say I do not know specifically what you mean by Computer Application but I am guess the Course is to do with Computers on the surface and maybe you wont be taught more advanced stuffs. As for the BSc in IT, (no disrespect intended to I.T ) but I still say take a Degree in either S.E or Computer Science over I.T, because they give you more flavour & you can definitely apply for much more lucrative position in the future when you plan to work. I.T is nothing compared to CS or SE, most people make that mistake as I.T is more of minor topics of computer science (matter of fact in I.T you won't be taught things like Artificial Intelligence / Algorithms & Data Structures / In depth Networking / Algorithms & their Complexities nor will Computer Application, well unless the curriculum is different from what I know).

Finally, if you plan on going to the Gaming industry, I think for a BSc, your best bet is Computer Science / S.E / Maths / Physics (I have seen some application requiring just about an Engineering degree). I'm also new to this forum, so am not too such if it's illegal to post a link here, so if the moderator of the site feel I have offended the Law of the site, I apologize & would not break it in the future.

To EastAir Wave, here is a quick link to a Job offer at a Game company to help give you a better understanding

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