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Why the need to get a master's anyways? You're from the UK? Not sure what the job market is like over there. If you really think you NEED a masters to get a job, then by all means if it's worth it to you then do it.

However, you already have a computer science degree. Game programming is all about what you can do, and less about education. It looks like you just need to start doing more game oriented programming and design, build a portfolio, blah blah blah.

Just start mastering C++ now, on your own. Start programming games. You have the capability. And when you burn out of the industry you can easily apply for non-game related software development jobs.

p.s. hows the pool of C++ talent in the UK? I've been told it's not the greatest in the US, hard to find a really good C++ programmer in a lot of markets, thus REALLY proficient C++ programmers tend to get top choice in positions.
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