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Originally Posted by seekingKnowledge View Post
Also, when you say BSc in IT or Computer Application, 1st let me say I do not know specifically what you mean by Computer Application but I am guess the Course is to do with Computers on the surface and maybe you wont be taught more advanced stuffs. As for the BSc in IT, (no disrespect i Finally, if you plan on going to the Gaming industry, I think for a BSc, your best bet is Computer Science / S.E / Maths / Physics (I have seen some application requiring just about an Engineering degree). I'm also new to this forum, so am not too such if it's illegal to post a link here, so if the moderator of the site feel I have offended the Law of the site, I apologize & would not break it in the future.
Thanks for the Information. I've to research about the available courses. And I am still confused About The IT course. I can't fully understand about the scope of IT and the type of jobs that will be offered for it. thanks anyways.
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