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I see what you guys are saying. Even I like to play games that are mindless (sort of like how I like to watch Spongebob Squarepants sometimes after work) - it's a way to relax and to forget about the real-life difficulties that I face.

I also enjoy games that are just "cool" too. Running around in Assassin's Creed, stealing cars without consequence in GTA, riding motorcycles in MotoGP - those are all fun.

But, sometimes I feel for something really interesting and thought provoking. Usually, I get it from a really good book that forces me to chew over what I learned for a few days - but I'd like to start getting that from games! That was what I was trying to point at. And although my example was FPS-heavy, that doesn't mean that's where the next ground breaker has to come from - it was just what I came up with for my post.

Every once in awhile, a movie comes out that challenges what the "Average Joe" thought that they enjoyed. Those movies sometimes become huge hits, and it changes that way that movies are made. One day, I hope the game comes out that changes the way that games can be played, and what that game can do for the players - something that can change their views, teach them more about life, allow them to explore new ethics and morals - but in a more natural way.
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