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Originally Posted by Crastin View Post
I already suspected all those things, I guess i'm asking specifically why is it that these movie based games aren't given as much freedom and consideration to be created? I can't fathom why releasing garbage would boost sales and if they'd just spend a minimal amount more of time on the games they could actually be worth buying.
As said by Gshonk, time is a huge factor. They only have one time window where they can maximise sales. If they miss it then they miss out on hype and publicity generated by the movie and therefore sales. Who wants to buy a game of a movie that was released months ago that many people would have probably forgotten.

In terms of freedom, there are many legal and political hoops that developers have to jump through to make sure that the game meets with all parties involved requirements. If the license holders don't like a particular part of the game, be it art, audio, levels, features, they have the right to refuse for it to be there or require it to be changed and the developers have to comply.
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