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Default Assessment with SEGA on Wednesday. Need some help!

Hey guys! So I've been invited by SEGA to attend an 3+ hour assessment next Wednesday for consideration of a 'Games Tester' job and they've sent me details on the forthcoming assessment as well. What I wanted to know is what they meant by the following statement:

'The assessment session will consist of reading, writing and logic tests designed to assess your general knowledge of the video games industry and basic mathematics.'

I have no problem with the basic mathematics part but, in terms of the general knowledge of the games industry...what kind of questions could come up relating to this? Any rough ideas? I like to think that I have a decent knowledge on the games industry but I guess it might depend.

I know it probably seems like a silly query to be honest and is probably not as bad as I think but I just want to be sure and not be caught unaware by anything, so if anyone has any ideas (especially if they've been to similar assessments) pertaining to what I've asked it'll be a GREAT help. Thank you
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