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Originally Posted by jillduffy View Post
According to the 2007 Game Developer Salary Survey, the video game development industry comprises about 90 percent men and 10 percent women; this statistic includes marketing and PR jobs and is international. It is roughly the same (90/10) in North America.

I believe the last IGDA report on gender representation put the North American figure slightly higher for females at about 12 percent.
ya, and what is your point? what is the percentage of women to men in secretarial positions? how about childcare? do you think i can get extra assistance in getting into childcare?
yes, there are more men in the games industry "because they are the ones that want to do it". girls would be welcomed into the industry with open arms, "if they wanted to do it", but there is no need to push a sexual divide where there isn't one. you know, there is no reason why every job should have 50/50 balance of gender, in fact there are plenty of reasons why there should be an asymmetric balance. ultimately, if everyone just went and put their work in, and got the job they wanted, fairly, there would be no problem.

just because there are more men than women in an industry, does not mean it is "male dominated". you know, there is not a league of men sitting around scheming against women. funnily enough there IS a league of women sitting around scheming against men! and to some, this is ok!
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