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Unhappy Help on My Gamedev Career!


First of all I am a Game Developer who quit his 1st job (7 mos) a few months back. Now I am applying to other companies and recently I have 2 job offers. 1 from a game development company and another from a company that does finance/accounting applications.

Now the dilemma is that I do not know which to choose because when I saw my offer from the game company it offers a contractual employment that will last a single year. And since I am a contractual employee I do not have the common benefits such as health care etc. But what I can't take is that we do not have any leaves. It also offers less money than what I am earning during my 1st job (minus all the benefits).

In contrast to the Corporate company, it offers a lot of benefits like shuttle services, hmo, 1.25 leaves per month, meal/rice allowances, dental/optical reimbursements. The workplace is even better than the game company. It also follows a flexible schedule and the hours are constant any day of the week.

Now my question is which one would I take since I really want to pursue a career in game development. I know I will learn a lot from the game company and there is an opportunity of getting absorbed by the company. They also provide training to their game programmers. But if I accept the corporate job, I will have a much more convenient life and has a lot of benefits that I can make use of. I won't leave game development exactly when I choose the corporate company because I will still create games on the side as a freelance game programmer.

Now the thing is will my employment to a corporate company (but freelancing games) is a lesser step in my career of being a game programmer than being in a game company that probably won't gave me the opportunity to do freelance work. What will make a good impression to future employers?

I NEED HELP please!
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