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Originally Posted by tsloper View Post
1. Geez, why on earth did you do that? Everybody is going to ask you. I hope you have a damned good reason.
2. You think there are only two choices, but there are three. You should make a decision grid. You listed a number of seemingly confusing facts and figures -- criteria for making your decision -- now all you have to do is organize and prioritize them. And maybe there are other criteria too. How to make a decision grid:
3. That's a question? Nobody can foretell different futures for you. This unknown can factor into your decision grid, but since it's an unknown, you just have to guess based on your own good sense.
4. "Appearances" should be a low-priority factor in your decision-making process. Make your decision based on your higher-priority criteria.
Thanks for the help! I will look into this.
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