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Quite simply, the whole thing is taking far to long to even start. You were still setting up the server about 2 weeks ago and you started the thread about a month ago. Its small wonder where the interest has gone.

There is no concrete list of all the team members.
No-one has any IM or contact details of the other members.
There is no project space/wiki/TRAC/etc.

We have the idea, what should have happened is that the team would have started on prototyping the gameplay to see if it is fun. Graphics doesn't matter at this stage and there shouldn't be any physics involved for the game as the idea states that each furniture piece is made up of blocks. Essential, this is 3D Tetris in a way.

The prototype development allows the team to become familiar with the libraries and allows the project lead to see the coding skill and style of each member. The time can also be used to setup all the extra material we need such as the Coding Style, timeline and a roadmap.

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