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Default Need help! Graduating soon!

Hi, I am finishing my B.S Computer Science degree soon, and I am looking forward to get into the game industry. I would like to be a programmer, and more specifically on the graphics side in the long term.

But first I would like to do a Master degree, preferably in game programming or specialized in computer graphics. So I am wondering which degree would be better to help me to get into the industry?

Another question I would like to ask is the awesome portfolio I read that I should be keeping. During my time as a undergrad, I have completed four projects in University for publication in different conferences. However, they were either done in a group (vary between 2 to 3 people) or they were built upon other previous projects.

So here are my questions regarding portfolio:

1. Can I use the work I have done in a group or the work that built on previous projects to put into my portfolio and demo?
2. Would projects built using 3rd party game engines or physics engine not be suitable for portfolio? As using them seems to indicate that there's a lack of skills on my behalf.
3. The work I have done were mostly not directly related to games, but things such as physically based modeling, building a skeleton animation engine. Would it be better if I do some projects and demos that are games?
4. I read from some source that C++ executable projects are preferable with demos. I have made a game in C++ on iPhone using 3rd party game engine, but it won't be executable straight away unless the person who looks at my demo/portfolio has OSX and XCode. Would it not be suitable for me to use such project?

Thanks a lot! I would appreciate if you guys could answer some of these questions!
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