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Originally Posted by gr0mit View Post
1. But first I would like to do a Master degree, preferably in game programming or specialized in computer graphics. So I am wondering which degree would be better to help me to get into the industry?

2. Another question I would like to ask is the awesome portfolio I read that I should be keeping. During my time as a undergrad, I have completed four projects in University for publication in different conferences. However, they were either done in a group (vary between 2 to 3 people) or they were built upon other previous projects.
1. The one you want to get.
2. It's fully expected and normal to have group projects in your portfolio. You just have to be prepared to say what you contributed to the project. But the majority of student projects are not suitable for portfolios, because when you are making a student project you haven't yet learned the stuff you're trying to demonstrate familiarity and facility with. You need to make more projects (but I shouldn't have to tell you that -- you should already be making more projects, since that's what you profess to be passionate about).
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