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Such a quiet thread!

With a little less than a month to go, I figured I would strike up some discussion on making these things.

If you're using a window or static resolution, what is the screen size you are designing for?

I went with a static resolution of 1280x720. It seemed the one that most computers would accommodate since almost every desktop/laptop supports it. I figured the game would run too slow on a netbook, otherwise I would have chosen 800x600 to be completely safe.

How are you building your 3D world? What tools are you using?

For objects, I used AC3D and for the world/level itself I built it from cubes. The good part is that I learned bit and had fun making it. The bad part is that the game has the same depth (but slightly better graphics) as Wolf 3D.

What is the setting or theme of your game?

Mine is inside a computer... somewhat. Like, if you have no clue what really is inside a computer, this would look like the inside of a computer.

Anxious to see replies from others!
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