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Just want to clarify that a company can be a decent size, with great resources, and still be indie. Three Rings Designs, Icarus Studios, Turbine and CCPGames are or were proof of that.

Other reasons why some people may want to work for big companies instead of making indie games* with a small team of people:

- Medical and other benefits are usually better or at least present

- Networking opportunities are often greater

- The tools at your disposal (software, hardware, work environment) are often superior

- The chance of your project seeing the light of day, although not guaranteed, is much higher

*= I left out the word 'great' in that paraphrasing because, if I read you correctly from your posts in this thread, it seems your view is that indie games are great and big AAA games are mass-produced commercial stuff.

Your last four points apply if this is something someone is doing as a hobby and not professionally. In that light, comparison to working in a corporate is rather irrelevant.
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