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Default Don't Know Where To Go Next...

So, I just started my Freshman year in highschool last month, but have been working on learning C++ for the last two year. I've decided to teach myself how to program games because I can't take any game design or programming courses until my Junior year because I go to an online highschool and they require Computer Literacy 1 and in some cases Computer Literacy 2 to take any of their tech courses.

I bought a beginners book on C++ and after re-reading it several times, I understood everything except the chapter on Pointers (but that's another story). So now, I can make simple, text only games. I'm currently working on a beginning game development book on how to make 2 and 3D games, but have found it's kinda out of my league. If somebody could please tell me of any good websites/books that would help me learn more about C++ and possibly more about programming with it to make 2 and 3D games, that would be great.

PS: The book I'm currently working on is Beginning Game Programming, Third Edition, by Jonathan S. Harbour.
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