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Hello everyone,

I would first like to thank the community of people who run and maintain this site aswell as others such as Sloperama, IGDA, Gamasutra, and Game Dev. These people and sites have helped educate me on both the industry that I aspire to be a part of, and the people I look forward to working with. Your time and effort is commendable and deeply appreciated.

I am 23, living in Ontario, Canada, and will one day be a lead designer working on AAA titles. I am beginning my long awaited post-secondary education in January, and will be working towards a Bachelor of Arts. I have always loved video games and the idea of interactive storytelling. I enjoy challenging work that requires a team approach while under a deadline. I have spent the better part of 6 years working full time in mid-high level restaurants which I feel might help prepare me for the pressure of working in video game development.

Before my schooling begins (and as much as possible during) I will be working on creating board games, comics, levels/content for games with construction sets, and design documents. I have already begun working on a board game and find the challenges of design specifics to be frustratingly entertaining. Upon completion of my schooling I have considered continual studies at a video game development school, but I will leave that decision until I have crossed my first bridge (post-secondary).

I share all of this because 3 months ago I 'thought' I wanted to work as a video game designer. This thought led me to investigate further and what I uncovered was a rich community of bright minds, a treasure trove of helpful resources, and an industry that sounded right for me. Without ever having to post a single question I was still able to build an understanding, appreciation, and entry plan for the industry I will one day be a part of.

In conclusion I would like to once again thank everyone who contributes to the community of video game development. This is my first post after a long time of observing and it most definitely wont be my last. In the distant future I look forward to sharing that which I learn in hopes it may help others. I hope this post isnt too long winded for anyone as I simply wished to express my gratitude and share my passions and aspirations towards video game development.

My name is Smitch and I am a 23 year old Canadian who will one day be a lead designer for AAA video games. Thank you to anyone who has read this post and I look forward to discussion in the future. Take care and safe travels.
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