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Originally Posted by diogo fontes View Post
I'm planning studying Entertainment Business Management at VFS, you could talk more about what 'went wrong that you did not like there?
Let me just guess. I think dr.jones just missed the program he needed: he went for "Game Desing" and "Foundations in Visual Art & Design" and I guess there is a difference between this programs and Entertainment Business Management. Correct me if I'm worng but I think if you going to learn how to be Producer you will need EBM and if you are passionate for creating you own games (write storylines, desing levels, create characters, maybe work with programming tools or even lead and coordinate the disigners team) - you need "Game Desing" and "Visual Art" programs. Surely, for producer it's important to know game desing but as I know producer's job connected with business and management part of game creating more than with art and writing story or program code.

There is also was an article: "Five Common Mistakes In Choosing Masters Programs For Video Games"
This situation looks like the first one in this article

About the best decidion dr.jones was able to made: I think in such situation maybe it's a better idea to choose the work, because there is much more opportunities to learn about industry and get new experience while being employed. Expecially if the company is interesting in your grown.

And of course it is a good idea to get some additional courses and studies while you are employed if you want to continue your career or made yourself better and more valuable specialist. By the way it is exacly what I wanted at this moment.
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