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Default Portafolio planning

I'm taking a 2 year college degree on game development and in my second year the changed the curriculum and now we are using XNA for everything.

XNA is great and I already did my first game, heres a couple screenshots

Next term I will be working on making a 3D game with XNA, this term we reviewed most of the technology required, so next term is putting it all to action.

So those are 2 pieces I will definitely put in portfolio, also before taking this degree I worked for over 6 years in web development, so I have a lot of stuff from that time, such as E-learning, games on flash, CMS, etc. So Ill put some of that I guess.

Now my main concern is that if I don't put a piece on c++ I wont be taken seriously, I have made many c++ apps, but it's all very small stuff and a lot of console based applications, should I make it a priority to get something that I can show off made with c++?

Thanks for any input
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