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Speaking from being a Vancouver resident and knowing some people around here, VFS has created a lot of game careers for its student. I'm not sure what kind of bad experience you had, but you were probably expecting something different than you experienced.

I know quite a lot of VFS grads that are in the industry, and some of them went straight into design positions. I think if you are to make a very expensive decision, you should do a lot more research because if you stuck it out at VFS, you probably would have came out knowing a lot of industry people.

Also, I think you only took the one year foundation courses which cover all of the arts. The VFS foundation program is there for students to figure out which discipline they want to enter. The second year, in which you decided not to return to, is the 100% game design focused program (For the record, I am a grad of their rival school, The Art Institute of Vancouver).

Aside from all that school jazz, apprenticeship is a great way to break into the industry. Though you should expect that you may not get that offer, so don't believe that you can stop and wait for one job opportunity. You need to continue to look for every possible job opportunity.
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