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Originally Posted by yaustar View Post
Took me too long to work out how to use the site (the book thing confused me long enough to move on). You may want to consider a better layout for your portfolio that doesn't take as long to see your work.
I will take that in consideration, but I like this book style , first of all I'd wanted to tell about the people from the first day I've started working until the last (like a journal).Once I've realised that, that was impossible I've thinked to make my portofolio like some kind of "Family Album". Thanks!

Originally Posted by Adrir View Post
It's a great start! Keep it up! And welcome to the GameCareerGuide community!
Also thanks!

-I've done the pants for my first char creation, maybe you guys can give me some feedback please?(what I should try to adjust or any other interesting things )

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