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Originally Posted by Joe42 View Post
I've looked around on gamasutra (just to get a general idea), as well as this website. It seems like everyone that's hiring wants you to have 3+ years experience in the field.
You don't seem to have looked more deeply than job ads. You have to understand that those job ads cost money, therefore game companies only post ads to get hard-to-find people for hard-to-fill jobs.

There are business jobs in games, but only after you've worked at one for several years are you going to find yourself in the decision-making "greenlight" meetings (assuming that's what you're interested in). There are several ways to break into the industry, and you might be surprised at the ways you will find.

For now, it sounds like what you're trying to find out is "what kind of jobs might I be able to get." You're not going to find that out by looking at ads and asking questions that skirt your actual question. Ask what it is you want to know, and do better research.
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