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Originally Posted by Bgrizzmayne View Post
1. I'm curious about the paths one can take to become a designer.
2. I know that being a designer requires a lot of experience and an immense understanding of all aspects of development. However, after getting experience in game development and getting educated- I was wondering if it ultimately will matter whether I go down the design path or the programming path.
3. I'm inclined to say that it won't and that it's mainly about my experience/abilities once I get into the industry.
4. But, it's an important to thing to know if my ultimate goal is to be a designer.
5. Is a programming background a stronger one for a game designer, or would design be stronger?
1. There are an infinite number of paths to designer, Grasshopper. Each man must find his own.
2. Nobody can answer this question for you, Grasshopper. Crystal balls are a myth.
3. Ah! Do you have a crystal ball?
4. Unfortunately, you are seeking to know the unknowable. Perhaps it would be better to follow your passions instead, or to go with probabilities rather than knowing that which cannot be truly known.
5. It depends on you. Which path do you prefer? Have you read FAQ 3?
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