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Originally Posted by Bgrizzmayne View Post
What's the concencus on SCAD? I know it's quite pricey, but is it worth the cash? I'm going to look into what degree courses they offer.
I thinks its worth the money as you will get all of the traditional art skills you need which in the long run will translate over to 3d modeling and that seems to be the general consensus when it comes to having a successful edge in making this a carrier. I believe if you do more research you'll find something less expensive that will give you just as much.

I also advise you to think about what you really want to have a strength in. I'm a student at Fullsail online. So far the only thing that concerns me the most is not having a strength. I have a great foundation I've learned a lot in a short amount of time and I'm still very much at the beginning stages but the fact of the matter is I'm only getting a month per class. If you have an idea about what you really want to do within the field, I suggest finding a program that strengthens that. There is nothing wrong with having a great background in everything but you definitely want to be able to put your best foot forward in what you feel passionate about. I may be rambling a bit but I just want to give my take cause honestly you really don't know what your getting into until your in it so really take the time and find out what inspires you the most.

I can tell you there about 5 major disciplines when it comes to 3D and that is modeling,lighting,texturing,rigging,animation
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