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Thanks for the input, core. I would say my strength is more in design rather than programming, not to mention it's what I enjoy the most. The actual programming I have done for games thus far is simply a means to express the design/creativity. Later down the line, on a big team, that wouldn't be as much of a factor. I'd be told what to program and implement rather than doing that myself.

My drawing and design are big strengths, though I have no formal art background, which is something I'll surely need. I'm also looking at taking classes to further my programming base. Ultimately, though, I'd like to attend a design program such as SCAD, Pasadena, or Ringling, and eventually be placed in the industry. The ultimate goal is to be a game designer, but that is far off. Either way, I'll need a strong understanding and grasp over both design and programming. But my strength seems to be in design, so I think that's what I will pursue for my bachelor's degree.
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