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i have ADD to, one thing that helps me is to get an idea, and just keep working on it, so you know exactly what your making. if you make the game whilst still not knowing what kind of game it is,it might disapoint you in the end. also, try not to think its gonna be the best thing ever made. because if it isnt as good as you lmagined it, you might feel like you just waisted your time on a peace of crap, whether it is or not.

dont turn this into a fanboy battle,please. but im something of a fan of halo, and when i saw the new forge in reach i was exited about it verry mutch. but because of my exitement & imagination, i imagined it better than it actually was. when i finally got to play it, it felt old & boring. when i got halo 3,on the other hand, i wasn't expecting somethings. when i got it i was overjoyed, it felt new and fun because i hadnt heard about forge early enough to imagine it much.
same with little big planet, it felt less awsome playing than watching all the videos for it.
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