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Cool site, neat work! The copy and photo on the homepage display enthusiasm. It's a great way to greet your visitors.

Here's some suggestions regarding the site:

On the Resume page, it might be worth it to change the color of the links at the top from blue (default) to yellow so that the viewer can see them better. Also, change "Download PDF" to "View PDF" Here's why...

The viewer sees the text of the resume image which is rather small, so the next step by most will be to look for a way to make it bigger. Most will do that by clicking the image or looking for a link of some sort. Here's the fun part - by changing one word you now change their choices.

Although one would think the choice at this point is to download one or the other, the actual choice your viewer is making is a) download or b) don't download. By changing one word, the viewer now views it differently. The perceived choices are View or Download. Most people do not like downloading from unknown sites, so the decision will often be to view. This will open the PDF in Adobe Reader (either browser or external) allowing them to read, save or print your resume which is the ultimate goal of that page.

On the Models page, have it default to the Cute Dragon. It puts content in the big empty box, it's a well-made model and it's colorful. It grabs the viewer's attention.

Your web host more than likely offers some kind of analytics or stats system. Your Model and games layout is simple but very effective since people have to click what they are interested in seeing. Check to see what's getting clicked on most and rearrange/update the site to give viewers more of the really good stuff.

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