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Thanks for the feedback, I wasn't really trying to give an all out introduction, but here goes something...

I currently am taking courses at Moreno Valley's Community College, Riverside County, California (That's in America). I want to work on First Person shooters or mainly shooters but I wouldn't mind working for just about anything on the PC, XBox 360, or Playstation 3.

(I was looking for where I'd mentioned Programming but I couldn't find it). I am currently taking classes focusing on Game Level Design using the Unreal Editor 3 and 3D Modeling using Autodesk Maya. Next Semester I'll be working with Maya (I think) to do animations since it's the next course for the 3D Modeling classes provided at MVCC.

I currently plan on looking for jobs using (that's how I found these forums, through a newsletter I received from them) while I complete my classes at MVCC for gaming. While doing so I'll still look for what developers are interested in and try to work in that direction. Mainly I'm just trying to get experience, master Unreal Editor 3 and possible Valve Hammer then get experience editing COD4 maps using Call of Duty 4's map editor (I want a variety for my portfolio), and practice using animations (I love smooth and good looking animations and I want to learn how to do that).

Thanks for any feedback.
And especially thanks for the previous feedback.

PS I didn't read the articles till after I posted this and noticed I kind of qualified for "Stupid Arrogance". It's not that I don't wanna work for lower grade developers or developers I don't like, I just don't respect one of the studio heads Mark Lamia and I don't feel I'm too good to work there, they are talented, I just refuse to work for them.

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