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Alright, what I want, no more what I don't want. I want to work for an FPS developer and work on maps/worlds for them. Especially with all my good experience with Unreal Editor, I'd love to work for Epic Games. However I would like to also work for either id Software, Infinity Ward, Insomniac Games, Irrational Games, Gearbox, 3D Realms (are they even making games anymore?). I just want to be an FPS developer, and I know I want this job, I've been only attending school for about 11 weeks and I love it, no matter how challenging Maya may get, I love working with it. I want to be a game developer and I want it so badly it kills me to think that my father wants to keep pushing me to do something else. If it weren't for me being so stubborn I'd probably be trying to major in Psychology or something, not what I want.

So what your saying in 1.a. is I'm generally going in the right direction for being a "World Builder/Level Designer" right?
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