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Default Discouragement from parents, school, etc.

Has anyone on this forum faced discouraging remarks from parents, friends, family, school councelors, etc. because of their desire to enter the Games industry?

I know discouragement is part of life and a big part of the game industry, but has anyone expirenced anything that stood out as just obnoxious or unnecessary?

One instance that stands out in my mind is when the seniors at my High School did a career day for the freshmen. I did a presentation on the Video Game Industry (which stood out in the sea of jobs such as "Chicken Farmer" "Construction Worker" and a presentation simply named "Walmart"). Some of the other seniors told me I would be a homeless loser and would never do anything with my life and the counselor told the freshmen I had no clue what I was doing. Needless to say I was pissed off for a good two weeks. My parents are no better.

Has anyone faced something like this?
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