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Originally Posted by DreadTchotchke View Post
What I want to do in the Video Game industry is mostly to work with ideas and to have my ideas put before others. I do have excellent writing and creative skills and have already written several of my ideas down in the form of short stories or novels. What I lack is in drawing and math. If I were to enter the games industry, would there be a position I can fit in or would I be left out?
Are you passionate about writing or design? What do you actually, specifically, want to do?

Originally Posted by DreadTchotchke View Post
1. What program of study should I choose before transfering to a college with a game design degree?
Whatever you want. You don't need a "Games Degree" to work in the games industry.

Originally Posted by DreadTchotchke View Post
2. What position in the games industry mostly works with ideas?

Ideas are not enough. Everyone in the games industry has many brilliant ideas. They aren't worth anything. You need to be able to do something with those ideas!
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