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Ok so not of all time just five favorites. Hmmm. 1. Deus Ex 2. Half Life 1 & 2 3. Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind 4. Metal Gear Solid 2 5. The Legend of Zelda: A link to the past.

1. What to say about Deus Ex it had everything and was super innovative. The storyline and characters were very intriguing, by using popular conspiracy theories I think it really made the story hit close to home no matter what it was they were talking about. The game play was amazing letting you do things how ever you wanted while still being in a near linear fashion. I loved the mix of melee and ranged weapons and the character upgrading was amazing. All in all the combination of story and settings just made it great.

2. Wow the half life series do I really need to say anything. These games are great because you ARE Gordan Freeman, I don't think any other game really makes you believe that you are a character so well. The way that they progress the storyline and keep the player doing things is just great. I mean in the beginning of HL2 when you are in the apartment and the combine are attacking you start to panic and run just like everyone else and when you get caught you thought you failed at the game only to feel complete joy when Barney walks in the room. Causing the player to feel an emotion is the greatest accomplishment in a game.

3 Morrowind lets just say i wasted my high school years on this game. The game advertised 400hrs+ game play and it actually lived up to this. All these years later i still go back and play it and find new things. Granted the combat got a little boring and there were alot of glitches and cosmetic faults but the ability to do WHATEVER you want was just amazing. Plus the wealth of information with the books and all just made it spectacular. (I love Oblivion also)

4. Metal Gear 2. 3 words Storyline, gameplay, SNAKE. Although most of the game you played as Raiden (BLECH) this game was so amazing the story was so compelling the graphics some of the best on the PS2 ever and the music just set the tone. Besides who doesn't like sneaking around in a box. Also this game has so of the most compelling and dynamic characters ever.

5. Zelda this was one of the first games I truly fell in love with. I got excited every time I booted it up or heard the music. It might be my favorite of the franchise. I loved the differences in both of the worlds in the future and the present and i thought it had some of the best items acquisition test ever.
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