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Default Should I go to GDC this year?

Hello Game Career Guide Community!

So, I understand that GDC is very important for an aspiring game developer. You need to make connections meeting people, get inspired, and learn more about the industry as a whole. I was actually able to attend the last three days last year, and had limited success making connections.

This year, they have decided to have it on Monday-Friday. This is problematic for me because:
A. I live in Arkansas.
B. It's not on my spring break.

So, it's a cost issue and a school issue. That limits my options to:
A. Go Thursday & Friday, meet people, attend career pavilion.
B. Go Monday & Tuesday, meet less people, attend tutorials.
C. Not go.

I am someone who could use the information at the tutorials & who needs an internship for the summer.

tl;dr -> If I can only attend 2 days of GDC, what do you guys think the best way to spend that time/money would be?

Thank you very much for any input!
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