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Post The best Game Art College?

I noticed lots of posts in regards to your question. I think we can all say in our own opinions what we think about or have experienced in our adventure through the Game Art and Design program. I would like to share with you my opinion. I am currently a Game Art and Design student online at Westwood College. Before I went to Westwood I went through The Art Institute Online and Devry trying to seek out the right Gaming path for me. I tried both programming and the art side. I am more of a visual person myself. I would like to be verse in all aspects of the game design process but I would much rather see the work I do and feel the accomplishment I get when designing something. With that said, I am in the Navy and joined to get that degree. I was stationed in Italy and started going to the Art Institute Online and after about a year I was having issues with the online department and my situation. I did however enjoy the classes but I didn't feel like I was getting everything I wanted out of it. I was being tossed in to more GEN ED classes back to back and not being able to spread out my core classes so I wasn't bored with the degree. From there I switched to Devry and left because I didn't like the programming side being strictly that and no design. After a while of searching and looking on I noticed Westwood College jump up to the #1 spot for Game Art and Design schools. My uncle is a game designer (composer) for Neversoft and told me that they really enjoy seeing students come out of that program from Westwood. I was like, "awesome!" I talked to them and it was just amazing and as some of the others said in their posts about their schools I say about Westwood. I am getting everything and more out of the school. Not to mention when you get a degree you can go back for FREE to take classes where technology has advanced and become up to date for your studio that your working for. Aside from this long boring email I say do your research and find what interests you and gives you exactly what you want. I forgot to mention that here you can take a GEN ED class (which you don't have to now) and a core class together so you are enjoying every minute of your work. I love the school and appreciate what they have done for me. There program is amazing and all the professionals in the industry teach the classes. Its great! Good luck!

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