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Originally Posted by JakDaxter View Post
Hey Joe, I think Tom's advice is right. I just saw an interview with this guy who is a games producer at a big company working his way up the business side and he says he started as a tester right out of school. It's not like you get your econ degree and then walk in making business decisions for the company. You get in at the bottom and kind of learn as you go. Here's a link to that interview:
Careers in video games
If someone walks up to you and says, “I’m not gonna be able to get this part – piece of work done on time” – as a producer you have to take that little bit of information that they just gave you and compute it in your mind and say, “OK – animator A says he can’t get this character done on time – how is that gonna affect the tasks for the rest of the week” and it’s up to the producer to be like, “hey man, this isn’t an option” or – “you gotta get it done” or “we can punt on it”.
That bolded part sums up all that is wrong with the industry and represents poor planning on the producer's part.

I definitely recommend starting in a store – if there’s a store that’s hiring, get a job there
Starting in a store is NOT going to help you get into the developments side.
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