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Default Studio Hiring Cycles

Hey guys, hope the holidays are finding you all well.

I've been doing research into Studio hiring cycles to find the best window of opportunity to start throwing out resumes to no solid results.

So I figure since this may apply to a wider audience I'd pose the question here.

Does anyone know if there is a specific time of the year that studios ramp up their hiring cycles? From what I've gathered a lot of it is based off of the length of project cycles (falling into 6, 12, and 18 months generally) roughly starting at the beginning of the year.

I'm mostly curious about getting into the industry via QA. That being said QA Testers aren't generally needed at the beginning of the development process, which makes my question much more complex.

Or would it simply be easiest to contact studios I'm interested in and pose the question to them personally? However, I honestly haven't had much luck getting responses in the past.

Anyone have any guesses? I'll post any additional findings here if I happen to come across additional information.
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