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Thanks for the quick responses!

Believe me, I'd love to simply apply to any open position in range of my skillset- however I have one last semester to go before I graduate and get my degree in Game Development. So I'm at the whim of the few local (Chicago) studios and the last time I can recall an opening for a QA position was last Summer.

But I only have one remaining class so, as far as I'm concerned, I'm ready.

Currently I'm using my contacts that I have now (mostly teachers and contacts via IGDA) to get in touch with the major studios HR simply to pick their brain and see if I can get a heads up for a multitude of things.

The studio that I have the most ins with, however, doesn't accept applications unless they have the job posted.

So for the time being it seems like the best thing to do is wait, continue working hard and trying to meet people, and seeing what comes along the way. That and hope and pray that one of the four internships I've applied for goes through.
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