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1. So, would you suggest spending the next four months just tweaking my website and tightening up my resume?
2. Maybe it's just me, but a month before I graduate seems late in the game.
3. I've always heard "the earlier the better".
1. No, I'd suggest focusing primarily on your studies. The resume and portfolio have to be secondary to your learning. School is job #1 while you're in it.
2. Appearances can be deceiving. This isn't Star Wars. "Feel the force, Luke" was just a movie line. You aren't hirable until you graduate.
3. Axioms don't always apply 100% of the time to 100% of the people. Your circumstances dictate different rules. If you apply for a job now, a couple of different things can happen:
a. If somebody wants to hire you, they probably need you NOW, not several months in the future. They might force you to choose between taking the job now (which would mean quitting school before getting the degree) or finishing school and not getting the job.
b. Most will probably just put your application in the FFCM file (For Future Consideration Maybe) and not give you any further thought.
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