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Originally Posted by Crastin View Post
I suppose if I had to consider a specific market as you mentioned I would target the "masses" and use the "easy to learn, difficult to master" style of gameplay in order to possibly draw in the "hardcore" gamers as well. I don't understand why a game can only target one crowd.
That sounds like you want to target the 'casual' market. Games that are pick up and playable immediately but have some depth and target most age ranges (6-55). A good example of this would be on Zuma Xbox Live Arcade and Tetris on the Gameboy.

Originally Posted by Crastin View Post
However, I will say that I don't believe a gamer can be either "average" or "hardcore"
I think you are missing the the point, it isn't just two groups. You have different age ranges, fans, people who play games 10 minutes at a time, people who play games hours at a time, gender, disabilities, handheld, console, PC and possible a ton of others that I don't know about.

To target more then a few of these groups becomes a logistical nightmare to please all of them.

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