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Default Hep and advice needed!

Hi I'm new and only 16, I want some advice I'm hoping to get a career inthe gaming industry, I'm great at drawing and designing things I do art, technology and design and am pretty good at maths, but have no real experience on programming or making games on the computer the closest I get to that is designing shapes and devices on the computer in school and halo 3/reach forge lol. I'm not great at English (story and writing in general) but I have a great natural skill were I can
Capture my ideas in my head and draw them out great, I can draw whole paintings and landscapes just from my head (not sure if it's a good skill and everyone else can do it).

I understand it's not easy and it's not just sitting on your back side playing games all day but I often find my self staring at the games graphics and landscape and objects and how the look when I am playing Games.

Do you think I could make it in to game design or what is your advice, will I get into computer programming more?
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