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Being able to communicate your designs by drawing them is definitely a helpful skill when designing games. But if graphics are what appeal to you the most, you might be happier creating assets for games as an artist.

You're only 16, you don't have to shut out possibilities just yet. Find people who can program, and possibly people who can create stories and make a game. See if there's a game creation club at your school: if not, make one.

While you don't need to be a master programmer, I would suggest taking a few intro courses so you know where their concerns lie and can communicate with them better.

You should also look into GameMaker or RPGMaker. While both have scripting languages of their own, but don't require you to use it if your mechanics aren't too ambitious. GameMaker has a free version, and while RPGMaker does cost some money (XP is around $20-$25) it has an extremely intuitive editor for top down 3rd person RPGs.
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