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Originally Posted by Chipmunk View Post
Hey everyone, to introduce myself my name's Ben, I'm 14 and am from the UK. I'm hoping to become a 3d modeler and animator.

First question is, do I need to draw, I've always been okay at drawing just never practiced. The only problem is I can't draw from my imagination just copying. How can I learn?

Also is living in the UK a problem, I was thinking of moving down to London, but I'm not sure where the hub of development is.

I'm learning to use XSI at the moment as I like it and the Mod tool is free. I'm not going to use 3Ds Max until I can afford to as I hate piracy.

Hi Ben, welcome to the forums!

1. Do you need to draw? it helps, especially if you want to get anatomy, movement and gestures right. A good starting point I used is the Muybridge photos, great stuff. Thing is you dont really need to draw from your imagination yet, get a pencil, sketchbook and a large mirror and draw yourself. Tell yourself why when your drawing. Also you'll find that when your animating you'll be walking, trying to get the best pose and finding out why the legs move the way the do.

2. I live in london and i'm studying here aswell. The UK isn't great in terms of development, seems that Canada, US and Scandinavia are the main places but dont let that put you off. Guildford,is home to Lionhead and EA operate out of Chertsy.

3. Great! My first package was Truespace. I'd spend ages on my highschools computers, not having a clue what I was doing! It doesnt really matter what tools you use as long as you have the technique and know-how. Practice Practice Practice!

I also hate piracy but love pirates! ARRH!

if you need any advice or links just PM me

I suggest you visit which is a great place for 2d concept art and stuff.

Also I know that Lionhead take on people for work experience for 2 weeks. Not sure if you have to be 15/16 but give them a ring and see.
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