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Your sketches are good, but they shouldn't dominate your demo reel. You have the sketches section to show off your drawing abilities. To take them to the next level and transform them into good concept art you will need to color them.

For the models, try posting turn table animations to show them off at multiple angles rather than having a lot of separate images. They seem very well done though.

Take the music out of the demo reel. Music affects your mood and thus can screw with your ability to judge how good the content of your demo reel is. Plus most employers evaluate them with the volume off.

Don't make your site one giant embedded applet. That's why it loads so slowly.

In your Employment description, what do you mean by "whole work site?" I'm assuming you mean security base? Can you expand on what your specific duties were? So far it seems like you were in charge of a security base and were responsible for facilitating communication between customers and team members. If that covers the majority of your responsibilities then having a one sentence description is fine.

I also agree with taking out the Ford logo. After all, you're selling your art abilities, not cars.
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