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My points were implying when Starcraft was first released and will still apply if we were referring to Starcraft 2.

Ragnarok and Everquest have different audience spectrum and you may find that they don't have such a large user base compared to other games outside of Asia.

A household may have more PCs then consoles but how many of them are being used for games? With consoles, it is simply plug in and play. PCs, you have deal with drivers and quality settings, upgrading, usually beyond the average PC user.

Yes, it's simple enough that any dad or adult for that matter can pick up and play.
I honestly don't believe that given the amount of management needed to play the game well. This is not taking account if they wanted to play the game in first place.

A game should always have a target audience just like any other creative product or marketing. Look at the vast range of games magazines and how they appeal to different age and/or type of gamers. Why are games any different?

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